Zoftware-as-a-Zervice (taking on the paperwork zombies)

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Cartoon image of a scared women

They are closing in on you.

It’s Friday night after a long week, and an especially long day… as the trucks get back in the yard, and the paperwork lands on your desk.

And after you have just been sleeping for a couple of hours… you awake to your nightmare.

They’re here and they are:

  • PODs
  • Driver Payments
  • Customer Invoices
  • Fuel Receipts

I had just settled down for my nice long weekend nap and all of a sudden I was in another Paperwork Apocalypse!

They were coming out of the drawers, my filing cabinet, my desktop – and some were even hiding in my excel files.

I never knew where the next one would come from. It just never seems to end!!!

And then, just when I had finally beaten the paper back, nailed shut the filing cabinets and barricaded the mailbox… there were more:

This time it was the truckers themselves… trying to get information on the payments, on their fuel advances and deductions – wanting to know their schedule, waving their fuel cards and pay slips in my face.

And then my boss asks me what is going on: trying to understand what we have invoiced, what we have paid…what we have made. “All work and no play makes me… a Dull Boy!’, like he always says. He doesn’t want to give up his weekends to figure out his business.

Well neither do I!!

…what I needed was a TMS to protect me.

Tailwind Zoftware-as-a-Zervice!

‘Cause you just don’t know when the Paperwork Zombies will come for you!


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