Is this year the year you take your Rubik’s Leap

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So what’s going to be different next year?

There is a great line from a song by the Canadian rock band The Tragically Hip,

“Nobody cares about what you say you are going to do.”

It’s important to remember that in order to gain momentum in your vehicle, you first have to shift it into first gear.

For many businesses in the trucking industry, shifting into gear means moving from a situation from a never-ending stream of excel spreadsheets, double entry of data, and the sorting through the piles of paper….. to a trucking software that consolidates and automates this information into one system.

There are two major dimensions to running a business.

Managing your time.

Managing your money.

The biggest challenge in managing these two dimensions in the trucking company is the workflow of the business where there is a gap between the time when Costs are incurred, and when the Revenues come in from your customers.

Unless you have a way to tie these two together for a load, or a group of loads with a particular customer, or a group of loads with a particular carrier, it is pretty difficult to get a true picture of the financial health of your business. It’s challenging to make informed decisions – and to make quicker decisions. Everything either gets delayed or missed altogether and you end up managing that which is just in front of you. ‘Same S _ _ _ , Different Day’ …as I read once on a joke t-shirt.

It is akin to managing a three dimensional business ……. in two dimensions. It is also the difference between an Excel spreadsheet and a SQL database. In SQL the data can get cubed and analyzed more effectively in order to drive better insight into what is occurring in the business. This allows you to share the information and make better, and quicker decisions, to effect positive change.

Think of this evolution in terms of a Rubik’s cube:

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