As the Wheel Turns: A new 7-degree grade Slope Opera

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Soap Opera


Like lug-nuts in an hour glass – these are the days of our drives.

In the last episode of ‘As the Wheel Turns’.

Dispatcher Ken couldn’t locate Winkey Truman, who went incommunicado through the Smokey Mountains delivering a load of Froot Loops to the Krogers in Atlanta, Georgia

Mary had just been stopped during the  June safety blitz and the FMCSA officer had cited her, explaining that she just needed some more brakes.

Now back to the central dispatching offices of Dramatic Truck Corporation – ‘When you want to get it there with lots of Drama –  think of us’


“Have you got your shipment together now Frank?”

“When do you want me to come over with my truck?”

“Isn’t that a sort of lame pick up line Frank?”

“Depends when you want me to pick up?”

“Sorry… I am busy with Bill tonight.”


“Yes… Bill Uvlading… he just moved to town. He’s a doc.”

“He’s a  Doc? “

“Yes  Frank – he’s a complete Doc. Very open, transparent, I know exactly where I stand with him, and he knows exactly where he stands with me. We have no secrets Frank – not like you and me.”

“I know him – I saw him once.”


“When I pulled my App once… and he was able to help me get back into shape – it wasn’t pretty, and he didn’t couch his feedback – just gave me the straight fax”

“Well Frank… he sort of blew in with the Wind at his back? Ever felt that Wind at your back Frank?”

“Can’t say I have? Some people say they can smell some wind at my back sometimes, but I didn’t really know what they were talking about…”

“Yes Frank. You always leave me wondering where will you be tomorrow, and the day after that… travelling in the fast lane to some faraway place, or driving down some desolate highway … crossing some bridge – some bridge to nowhere… a bridge that would no doubt take a toll on our relationship, Frank.”

“You won’t give me anymore loads Mary?

“No Frank… I am getting…well… load bored with you Frank. It’s the same thing – day in and day out. Post here, post there… you and I Frank are just post everything now.”

“Can’t you give me just one more chance? Just tonight”

“No Frank, we just ended this yesterday… and I have my own 34 hour restart rule… not enough time has passed.”

“But I feel fresh… I think I have my drive back.”

“Yes… but it’s a long drive Frank. And the shoulders aren’t always soft… the road is long and bumpy. You can’t just keeping hitching your rig to any trailer that happens to be in town, Frank. I need you there for the long haul.

Thanks Frank… but I need to drop you off. It’s our trip manifest destiny, Frank. You were always too much of a hot shot for me. I need a man in for the long haul. I need someone who will commit to me for the long term. I just can’t deal with a guy who has multiple pick- ups and multiple drop offs Frank. I am simply…simply… looking for loads in all the wrong places, I think”


Will Mary give Frank another Load?

Will Bill Uvlading, the Doc, be able to prove himself to Mary?

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of…



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