What’s in a Name?

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As I headed home from work yesterday, through the nexus of two major highways – one heading across a major bridge, the other headed to the border, I saw a truck that caught my eye.

It was a trailer with a picture and the name of a famous Canadian Country Singer – it had his name and ‘Trucking’ on the end of it.

I had to check out their website, and it ends up that a predecessor trucking company and that singer happened to share a name, and they decided to collaborate. What a great idea, I mean is there anything more symbiotic than country music and trucking?

It got me thinking. As I looked at all the trucks crossing through the intersection, I spotted 20 different names of businesses  – businesses with ‘Logistics,’ ‘Express,’ ‘Trucking,’ or ‘Transport’ in their names.

When I talk to my customers, I often ask them how they came up with the name of their business. It wasn’t a big decision for some, but for many, it represents something very important – something very essential to their being.

For many small trucking companies, you will see some letters at the front of the name – its often the first letter of the owners – a husband and wife combination – of the first letters of their kids, a reminder and motivation of why they are working on building a great business for their family.

Other trucking companies may choose a less personal approach and emphasize their value proposition to a particular customer group emphasizing ‘speed,’ ‘service,’ ‘solutions,’ ‘insight,’ or a ‘team’ based approach to doing business. They are trying to align with a group of customers who might value that particular attribute in their company.

Good trucking software should be flexible and adaptable enough that it allows a business to put its own stamp on their software application – letting them do business the ‘way they want to conduct their business.’

For instance, at the very least good trucking software should allow companies to brand their documents – any Quotes, Orders, Bills of Lading, Rate Confirmations, Invoices, Driver Pay Statements – in a way that reinforces their own company brand. Projecting your name and brand shows customer, vendors, potential staff that you are professional, that you are proud of what you do, that you are some with whom they can do business. It’s their outreach to the world.

Another key feature that good trucking software should accommodate is giving companies the ability to reinforce their brand in the way they conduct their work. It is some process, activity, or communication, encoded in their software that shows that they are different. Their trucking software should be flexible enough to let them do it ‘their way,’ not the way the software works per se, but the way the business works.

As a trucking company goes through the inevitable ups and downs of business – the good times and bad times of an industry tied to the ebbs and flows of a world economy it is its reputation that endures. Sometimes the money gets tight while other times it flows generously.

But through all of this it’s your reputation – it’s your NAME – that counts when you run a trucking.

What’s in a name you ask?

More than you would believe.

My name is Murray Pratt. I hope you enjoyed this blog.

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