Welcome to Transport Talks!

We are Tailwind Transportation Software, a company that offers affordable and industry-leading software solutions for truckers, freight forwarders, freight brokers and this is our first instalment of many posts to come in our new blog!

Our team consists of highly skilled transportation and software experts who have had years of experience in the trucking industry – it is a software built by the users, by freight brokers and truckers for freight brokers and truckers.

I am fourth year student at University of British Columbia studying Commerce with a major in Transportation and Logistics. I will be one of the contributors to this blog. My interests in logistics, supply chain strategy, new technologies, entrepreneurship and social media attracted me to be a part of Tailwind Transportation Software.

All of these interest me because innovation, efficiency, communication, teamwork and community are key characteristics of each field. Plus, at Tailwind, we try our best to improve the efficiency behind the logistics of your business by providing software solutions and superior customer. As such, this blog, Transport Talks, and all of its future postings will be talking about anything and everything related to:

Transportation and Logistics – trucking, dispatch, freight forwarding, etc.

Supply Chain Management – strategy, trends, and news

Business Technologies – systems that make businesses more efficient

We hope you enjoy reading our thoughts and opinions and encourage you to share yours with us!


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