We Could Be Heroes

acob Dylan (Bob’s son – yes, that Bob) and his Wallflowers sang it best

“We could be heroes – for just one day”

Who doesn’t want to be a hero?

When we were kids we all wanted to be a superhero.

For me it was Batman.  I remember when Batman first hit with a campy TV series that I couldn’t quite figure out  – as it was a double tracked for kids – POW! KaBoom! Poof! –  and for adults as a satire of the whole superhero genre.

Nevertheless it didn’t stop me from playing in my black felt mask that covered half my face…….in 80+ degree temperatures during those superhero summer days.

n the superhero game I think Batman has been somewhat eclipsed by Spiderman now. And I really think Superman has not held up to the competition.  (I case you are wondering I am just practicing my ‘stuff’ for New Year’s Eve so I can ask my hockey buddies a question at about 1am, after our wives and kids have gone to bed)

“Who is the greatest Superhero………I mean besides Wonderwoman?”

When you run a business you do it to make money. That is the essence of the capitalist system and it seems to be creating the most common good in our world. But I have found that for most businesspeople it is more than just about making money. It’s more nuanced than that. After all, you can’t take it with you.

Unfortunately, some people focus only on that goal at the expense of solid relationships, and sometimes their own integrity. They are the ‘grinders’ in life and diminish the great commercial experience we all share.

But for the most part people and businesses want to ‘do good’ and please their customers and their staff and make a good buck for themselves and their families.

What business doesn’t want to step in and solve a big problem for a customer?  Who doesn’t’ want a customer that will sing your praises to the heaven’s because you were there when they needed you the most.

“Our truck didn’t show up”

“Do you guys have a reefer unit available right now?”

“We gotta get all these loads over there tomorrow and can’t find any capacity”

“Can you do this on the weekend?”

This will come at you at the most inconvenient times and for you,and the business. Most will see this as a big convenience. For me I have learned to embrace the ‘moment’ – the golden moment when we can really, really help the customer.

These magic moments can only come about when preparation meets opportunity. If you run an organized business then you have the ability to respond. If you have trucking software in place, staff with defined roles and responsibilities, and clearly defined systems and processes…..then you have some bandwidth to manage these exceptions –exceptions that give you the opportunity to turn a ‘meaningful transaction’ into a long term relationship.

And remember….even if it doesn’t go anywhere….

“You could be heroes …………for just one day”.

And what’s bad about that?


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