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Wart on toe


“That just about does it”

My podiatrist had just scraped the last remnants of a big plantar wart that had somehow winnowed its way into the inner workings of the big toe on my left foot. It was a three month odyssey that put the ‘odd’ in odyssey. Five trips to the doctor and $200 later, I was able to get the stupid wart excised from my toe and put full pressure on my foot.

I know that it’s never a good idea to make a mountain of a ‘toe-hill’, but the darn thing was a painful inconvenience. Putting pressure on the left always caused pain. It caused me to limp when I walked. And it threw out my alignment in my lower back and in my neck. And it tweaked my groin muscle on my left leg which meant it was hard for me to skate and coach hockey. I started relying more on my right leg to the point where my thigh was burning and I would have to sit more often. It kept me from exercising for a three months. During that time I gained weight.

It was like some sort of ‘Fukushima-Toe disaster’ playing out right there on my left foot.

First there are some minor trembles as you feel the little hard pebble on the bottom of your big toe. You learn to live with these minor inconveniences in life so you keep on walking in the hopes that it will just go away. Until one day you have this big black ball of an earthquake wart that has enveloped half the base of your big toe and you can no longer put your weight on the foot and have to teeter on the outside edge of the foot.

Which then leads to a ‘tsunami of pain’ extending up to your back and further on up to your neck. Which means you become inactive, you gain weight, you become unhappy and you get all snarly with you wife and kids, and with your co-workers… and then… and then one day – you JUST GO NUCLEAR!

And it’s a total disaster for sure! And it just didn’t have to be that way.

But I must admit, with all my sitting, it got me thinking about ‘warts’. I figured that there might be an entire readership out there that might be interested in, if not in my particular wart, then warts in general.

You see, there are warts in everything. Think about the warts in your business.

You know the ones. Those little pains you have some place in your trucking or logistics business.

Maybe you aren’t tracking your mileage and you want to catch up later.

You miss sending out the odd invoice and you can’t find that one lost POD.

Perhaps you haven’t stayed on top of your drivers’ driving records.

You have been paying two drivers with the calculations you are making on an ever-expanding Excel spreadsheet. And now you have five drivers, and the sheet is expanding exponentially with Tabs upon Tabs upon Tabs.

These are just the little emerging warts in your system, but then they start to grow.

The drivers are constantly pressing your poor part-time accountant about the details on their reconciliations.

And that one invoice from a customer has been outstanding for 150-days now.

And the DOT auditor has phoned to set up a time for an appointment. Just a nice little ‘chit-chat’ over a coffee no doubt…

But you thought that the pain might just go away on its own. But you knew that you were fooling yourself.

And now the proverbial wheels are coming off the truck as you are trying to run your business, but there just isn’t any rhythm to it.

You are now trying to sprint with the ‘big guys’ – with that Bolt fellow – and you are hobbling down the track just a few steps out of the starting blocks, and you realize that you just can’t run. You realize you have to stop and go back and address that one stupid wart that is holding you back from your amazing sprint to the finish line.

And you realize that it’s not your leg. It’s not your neck. It’s not your back. It’s not even the weight gain and your ‘piss-poor’ attitude, it’s the stupid wart in your big toe!

And now you are paying the price because you didn’t invest in a trucking software system that would have helped you solve the problem when the wart was that much smaller. When it was less of a problem.

After this journey I now realize that trucking & freight broker software fixes warts! Amazing stuff this software.

You know, when you have all that time to sit around you start getting ideas.

Tailwind Transportation Software‘We’ll Fix Your Business Warts’

Tailwind Transportation Software – ‘We are your ally against the Warts in your Business’

Tailwind Transportation Software – ‘Check your Toe before you need a Tow’

Tailwind Transportation Software – ‘Your Wart Cleaver’!

Wow… this is such good stuff. Can’t wait to take it to Brad, our marketing guy…

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