WANTED: More Loads

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Translation; “More revenue aka more money in my pocket.”

Every Transportation and Brokerage company is on a search. Regardless of Transportation Software, or Brokerage software being implemented, the common goal for every company is more loads, full trucks, and streamlined trips.

Where can I go to find loads? How can I stay on top of the loads I already have?

These are two different goals and both have different resources for answers.

Step 1, Establish a specific goal. You may have heard that becoming a broker would improve your trucking business so that you can broker your own loads, but how would you become a broker? Consider your time with a dollar value and you will be able to determine if you have the time to afford the education needed for you to obtain your Authority, market yourself, and make business connections, on top of your current business expectations. This option costs money.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to employ a tool internally to assist your trucking company with Trucking software tracking that can automatically advertise your loads for you?

Step 2, Find a load board. What is a load board? A load board is an online resource for truck and freight companies that you may advertise and/ or find loads to move. Establish a budget and invest. Avoid those ominous empty miles! Watch the revenue maximize! This option costs money.

Step 3, Safety first. If you’re an established trucking company you are aware of the vast array of required documents, knowledge, and management to maintain your safety rating with the FMCSA. A good transportation software will allow you to link right up to those ratings effortlessly to check current results. The FMCSA may be tricky to become accustomed to when one is first starting out, but they encourage public  input to help with the industry standards. Trucking or Broker you will want to employ the safest option available to ensure your loads arrive in one piece. This option cost money.

Step 4, Document, Document, Document. Document your communications, document your locations, document your fuel, document your miles, document your HOS (hours of service), document your alerts, document your documents! Redundant? You better believe it is. Let’s go back to the beginning, how many dollars is your time worth? At the end of a long week, and perhaps you’ve been concentrating on all your tracking of documents for 8 hours each day (at least). Are you 100% certain you didn’t make any errors? Consider tracking information in a more automated fashion. All these documents can be created, sent, scheduled, recorded, and communicated by knowing how to click a few buttons.  Maybe automation is your style after all. This option costs money.

Step 5, Educate yourself. Learn what Trucking dispatch software/ brokerage software, load board and any other tool you choose to utilise is best for your budget, which also includes all of the above mentioned industry standards (at the very least).

Step 6, Budget, invest, succeed. Your hard work is worth it, your business is worth it. Your time is worth it.

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