Stack of simply paper

Where Did My Trailer Go? and Other Absurdities’

“Do you know where that package of photocopier paper on my desk came from?” I asked.

“No,” said Brad the marketer with great hair and even better socks. “I saw it there when I came in and I wondered why it was on your desk.”

“I can’t figure it out,” I added. “Why would anyone leave it there?”

As I write my blog this morning I am feeling a lot better. You see I had been struggling with some upper back issues for quite a while and it seemed to be tied to my rib cage in my mid back area. But today I am feeling better.

I put one screen lower down on the desk and worked on my posture. Neck is straighter and my upper back is feeling better. I decided to do that same thing with the second screen today. Why I didn’t do both at the same time yesterday, well I don’t know.

But today because I was blogging – yet again – I realized how much more comfortable I am when sitting and typing.

So I reached down under my second m-o-n-i-t-o-r… a-n-d… and… oh my! I pulled out a package of 500 sheets of photocopier paper – 20lb/75g/m2 – it says on the package “Simply Paper.”

There are moments in time when you just realize the absurdity of your life. The moments that without thinking – when you are intensely blogging listening to some Beatles or Eagles song – and you are so into it that you reach underneath your monitor to adjust the position and pull a 500 sheet – 20lb copier paper and set is on the one side of your desk. And not realize that you did it.

As you finish you blog 20-minutes later you get up to go to top of your coffee and say hello to your colleagues.

But as you come back to your office you suddenly see that package of paper on your desk. And you think to yourself.

‘Who put the damn paper on my desk?’

‘Did the cleaners leave it?’

‘Did someone come in try to visit me and I was so into my blogging that I paid no heed to them?’

‘But who the heck carries around a package of photocopier paper – along with their notebook or some files?’.

Hi, Tad, I couldn’t help but notice you were carrying around a package of photocopier paper under your arm.”

Yes Mr. Pratt, you just never know when the photocopier might run out of paper. And when it does I am ready”

But it just didn’t make sense at all.

“Jessie. Do you know where this photocopier paper came from?”

“No Murray. But you know sometimes you do place things in places and forget where you put them. Like your notebook in the boardroom, or you leave your documents on the photocopier. We also find dishes and glasses in some weird spots.”

“Oh yeah. Like I am going to put a package of photocopier paper on my desk and not realize it. Yah right!”

So as I sit here blogging this morning I am wondering how I am going to tell Jessie that she was right?

I mean – she is going to milk it! She is going to laugh her hearty laugh – not in derision – but she is going to think – ‘See, I told you so’.  She will have a sense of self-satisfaction. I guess its okay for her to do that. It’s better than her looking down to the ground, head to the left and thinking to herself.

‘He leads our company – sets the strategies, writes policies, coaches managers, blogs way too much, and yet he doesn’t realize when he, himself, took a package of photocopy paper and put it on his own desk?’

‘He used to be such a capable man…’

I realize this morning that our customers are coming into their offices – turning on their computers – logging into their online Tailwind transportation software system – and trying to figure out where their trucks are, where their drivers are, where their trailers are.

I know for sure they don’t want me helping them since I can’t track the photocopier paper when it’s been moved four feet across my desk.

But I will commit to this. I am going to work hard with my Product Development guys to make sure we find some way to help our customers figure out how to track their trucks, and their trailers in our trucking and freight broker software.

And I’m sure as heck not going to tell the Developers about the paper.

I should be okay – my staff never reads my blogs. Especially Jessie.