Using the Carrier Portal


A Tailwind Carrier Portal allows you to gain quick and easy access to information about your business relationship with a Tailwind brokerage. By using the login provided by your broker, you can check in on available loads, print and upload documents for active loads/Dispatches, and check the status of any Bills owed due to previous jobs.

Logging In to Your Carrier Portal

To log in to your Carrier Portal, you will need to refer to the email you received from the carrier or freight broker you are working with. The email contains login credentials and a link to the portal itself. Navigate to the URL provided by clicking on the link and enter the login information you have been provided.

Once logged in, several different sections contain information of interest – you can navigate between them using the links on the left side of the page.

Available Loads

‘Available Loads’ is where you can see prospective loads that your carrier or broker has identified as available to be quoted on or moved. You can view more details on the prospective load by clicking on the

. If you decide you want to quote on or move the load for your carrier or broker, you can send an email by clicking on the email address they have provided – or you can call them directly.

Active Dispatches

When you have agreed to move a load for your carrier or broker, and they have assigned the load to you, it will become available to view in the ‘Active Dispatches’ section. If necessary, the ‘Advanced Search’ button will allow you to refine the list of active dispatches further, using the available searchable fields to find the loads you are looking for.

You can also use this section to print a copy of your Load Confirmation document or upload a POD directly once the shipment has been moved.

Active Dispatches – Printing Load Confirmations & Uploading PODs

Click on the quick-action icon

next to the Dispatch in question to print the Load Confirmation. This will bring up a Print menu, from which you can select the Load Confirmation. The document will open as a PDF in a new browser tab, and you can print it from there.

To upload a POD, click the

the button next to the related Dispatch. This will bring up a list of shipments – individual loads – associated with that Dispatch. Click on the

button next to your shipment. This will bring up another screen where you can Upload the File by clicking on the ‘Choose File’ button and browsing to the POD file on your system, and optionally add a description. The description field can include any additional information that you think your broker may want to know. Once you have attached the POD file, click the ‘Create’ button to complete the process.

My Receivables

Any invoices you send to your customer will appear in the ‘My Receivables’ section. This list will be populated by all invoices you have provided (and they have entered into the Tailwind system) and any payments they have issued towards those invoices.

This list allows you to see scheduled payment dates and any historical data regarding your financial interaction with your carrier or broker.