Uploading your Company Logo

Uploading your company logo into Tailwind will ensure that your brand is front and center on all the documents you send out from the system: whether it’s a Quote, a Rate Confirmation, or an Invoice, you want to make sure your customers know who they’re dealing with.

Preparing Your Logo File

The first step is to make sure you have your logo in the right size and format. Tailwind can use any image file type (.jpg, .png, etc.), and the logo should be 400 by 100 pixels. A logo file with a different ratio (of horizontal to vertical size) will end up distorted when it appears in system documents.

Uploading the Logo File

Once you have your logo file ready to go, click on the

in the top right corner and choose ‘Configuration’ from the menu. Then, navigate to Company Information, and select General Information. This will bring up a list of your Branches. In most cases, you will only have one, but if you have multiple Branches, you should know that each Branch has its logo file. If your Branches all use the same logo, you will still want to upload it separately to each Branch.

Open the Branch whose logo you want to upload by clicking

next to its name. This will open up the Company Information details. Next, locate the ‘Upload New Logo’ section and click the ‘Choose File’ button.

This will bring up a Browse dialogue, which you can use to locate the logo file on your computer. Once you have found and selected the file, click ‘Open’ to upload it.

The file name should now appear under the ‘Upload New Logo’ section of your Company Information. Your work is done!

Check A Document

It’s always a good idea to double-check that the logo has been uploaded and displayed correctly on your documents. The easiest way is to navigate to an existing Operations record (like a Quote, Order or Dispatch) and choose to ‘Print’ the document from the Print menu at the top right of the record.

Choosing a Print (as opposed to an email) option will generate a PDF in your browser, which you can check to make sure the logo is displaying correctly.

Troubleshooting Logo Problems

Most problems with a logo not displaying correctly result from the original image not being saved at the 400 by 100-pixel ratio. You can use a program like Photoshop (or even Paint) to crop or resize your logo and verify it has the correct dimensions. These programs’ ‘Save As’ feature will also allow you to save the logo file in an acceptable image format, such as .png or .jpg.

Suppose you run into any problems uploading the logo or with how the logo is displaying. In that case, you can also feel free to contact our support department — use the icon on the bottom right of the app to open a direct chat, or email or phone us with your question.