Tasks in Tailwind are similar to Reminders.

You will have a “Task” section on the left vertical menu listed under Operations.  Some tasks will get automatically created from Master Records such as Equipment and Personnel Records.  You have compliance items to track on Equipment and Personnel (Drivers).  Items like Safety Inspections and when they are next due would come from the Equipment Record.  Items like Commercial Driver’s license renewals and medical exams will come from the Personnel record.

If you have the reminder flag set in the Master record for expiring items, you will also want to set “who to remind”.  The first screen shot will show an example of the reminder flag on an equipment record:

This second screen shot will show you where in the configuration area to set “Who you want to remind”

Go to the “Gear” icon in the top right hand corner and choose – Configuration.  The configuration menu will load across the top of the screen.  Choose Company Information and then choose “Reminders”

Note that you have two tabs – One for Personnel reminders and One for Equipment reminders and you will want to set the personnel in both tabs.  The left hand field “Who to remind” is the staff member you want to know about an expiring compliance item.  The right hand field “Lead time before due date” is the amount of notice you want to give this person before the item is due for renewal.

Once those are configured, the software will then populate those tasks on the Task list and will also remind the person responsible.

While all tasks will populate on the “Task” list, individual users will also see any tasks assigned to them in the bell area of their software.  So if you log in one morning and see a red dot next to the Bell, then you have a task that is due.  Clicking on the bell will display the task for you and you can also click on the actual task to open it

As well, you can create Tasks.
By navigating to the Task list under “Operations” you will see a “Create” button located at the top of the screen and clicking on it will allow you to create a task.  Perhaps you want to remember to call a customer in a couple of weeks, create a task for it and let the software remind you.  Perhaps you want to remember that a driver is going on vacation, create a task for it and let the software remind you.

When you click on “Create” the software will open all fields for population.

The “SUBJECT” is what you want to be reminded of
The “ASSIGNED TO” is the personnel you want to be reminded of the task and you can assign tasks to any member on your team
The “DUE DATE” is the date that this task is due
The “RELATED ITEM” is any record in the application that you want this task associated to.  For example – it would be a customer record if you are being reminded of a customer call. 
The “NOTE” section will hold specific notes to this task and can be free formed to contain exactly what you want it to be.

Remember to set the “REMIND” flag toggle to green so the application knows it needs to remind someone.

Across the bottom of the task you will see:
Create and Return and also Create – will create the task, populate it on the task list and return you to the task list
Create and Create another – will create the task, populate it on the task list and open another blank task ready for population
Cancel – will cancel the entry you have made and return you to the task list

Let’s also note that the task list has “Status” and you can filter by any of those statuses and as well, you have an “Advanced Search” giving you the ability to search and filter your Tasks in ways that are useful to you.