Sending an Order to Invoicing

In Tailwind, an Order and an Invoice are interchangeable – they are the same thing, at different stages of the process. While it is still in Operations, it remains an Order – but once all the shipments have been dispatched and the loads are all safely delivered, the Order moves over to the Administration side, where it becomes an Invoice.

Most of the time, this process will happen automatically, as the result of a completed Dispatch. If all the Shipments for an Order have been marked as delivered in their respective dispatches, that Order will automatically appear in the Invoicing list.

Sometimes, though, it may be necessary to move an Order over manually. This is most common in cases where you want to create an Order without shipments/dispatches. Or, you may just want to be absolutely sure that the Order has been passed over to the Administration side.

In either case, you can use the ‘Send to Invoicing’ button that appears at the top of the Order in question to manually send the Order to the Invoicing module. Note that if the Order includes Shipments, those Shipments will have to be part of a completed route on a Dispatch – otherwise the system won’t let you send the Order.

Once you’ve sent the Order to Invoicing, you may want to Post and/or Transmit the Invoice.

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