Subscription Level: Enterprise


The Samsara GPS integration will allow you to perform the following: 

  • Direct messaging with your drivers  
  • Real-time location information for your equipment  
  • Allow your dispatchers to send trip details directly to the Samsara App
  • Geofencing, for arrival and departures

Setup and Configuration 

It is easy to configure the two systems to communicate with each other:

  1. Click on the Gear icon in the top right-hand corner, select configuration
  2. Select integrations, and then Telematics
  3. Click “Authenticate”, this will redirect you to log in to your Samsara account 
  4. Lastly, you’ll need to map your Tailwind drivers, to those found in Samsara

Sending your Dispatch to your Drivers

Once the integration has been enabled and configured, you’ll then be able to send them their trip information at the click of a button. 

Now when you open a dispatch that has a driver configured with Samsara, you’ll see a button in the top action buttons for “Send to Samsara”. Clicking this will send the dispatch details across into a Samsara route for the driver.  

We do not support a sync back for documents from Samsara to Tailwind

Direct Messaging

Through our messaging module, you’ll be able to communicate with the drivers by sending messages directly into the Samsara app.

  1. Click on the message’s module  
  2. Select the driver that you would like to send a message to
  3. At the bottom of the conversation, in addition to SMS, you’ll have the option to choose