Subscription Level: Unlimited


RMIS has built an integration with Tailwind that allows you to take advantage of their carrier onboarding on monitoring solution.  They can create and update vendors and their associated contact records with this.


Since RMIS has built the integration using our API, you will need to generate an API token and provide this to your account rep at RMIS. 

This can be done within Configuration by: 

  1. Navigate to the Integrations > Third Party 
  2. Fill in “RMIS” in the name field and then click Create 
  3. Copy the generated token, and email it to the RMIS team.  


  1. Carrier completes registration through RMIS Onboarding Portal. 
  2. Every 15 minutes, RMIS will perform a check on any new carriers created to see if they exist in your system.
  3. If it is a new carrier, RMIS creates a new record.  
  4. If a carrier already exists, it will update the existing carrier and contact record.