POD Complete – Registering Drivers

The POD Complete Android application allows drivers to use their cell phones to update their dispatches in your company database in real-time. This includes the ability to capture and upload PODs and other essential documentation. It can help reduce the workload of your Dispatchers, improve status tracking on your loads, and allow you to move from completing delivery to invoicing your Customers more quickly.

SMS Configuration Required to Use POD Complete

To use the POD complete app, you will first need to set up SMS in Tailwind. If you have not configured the SMS tool, you will not be able to register the drivers.

Registering Your Drivers With the App

The application can be made available to any Personnel record that has been set as a Driver in the system. The record must also contain a valid Cell Phone number, entered in the ‘Cell Phone’ field in the General tab of the record.

Once these criteria are met, click on the “More” button on the top right and the “Register Driver” button in the Personnel Records.

You will be prompted to create a Username and Password for the driver. Choose a username that is easy to remember and a password that is hard to guess. Then click the ‘Create’ button to finish the registration process. Once the login has been created, your driver will receive a text message containing instructions and a link to download the POD Complete application to their phone. The message will also include their username and password.

Removing a Driver, Resetting Passwords

Once a driver has been registered to use the application, two new buttons will appear when you click ‘More’: the ‘Disable Driver’ button will remove the driver’s access to the application, while the ‘Reset Driver Password’ button will allow you change the password the driver uses to access the app.

How It Works: Arrived/Departed Status Updates

Using the application, your Drivers will be able to mark each location on a Dispatch as ‘arrived’ and ‘departed’ to keep the system up to date on their progress through the route plan. This is the same as if you opened a Dispatch and set the Arrived/Departed flags yourself.

How It Works: Uploading PODs & Other Images

The Driver also can capture an image of a POD or other documentation. The image will be uploaded and automatically attached to a POD Note on the related Order when they do so. This will allow you to easily include it when sending out Invoices to the Customer in question.

They can also capture a generic image at any Location. This is intended to capture miscellaneous documentation or any visual information – such as the state of damaged goods – that might be important to record on the Order. These images will also appear as attachments on the Order.

Driver How-To Video

This tutorial video is available from inside the application and demonstrates the basic process of installing and using the application. Taking a few minutes to watch the video will make it much easier for you to assist any of your drivers who are having trouble figuring out the app.