Paying Your Bills – Vendor Pay

Once you have posted a Bill – as part of an Invoice, as a stand-alone bill, or through the Incoming Bill Wizard – you will eventually want to pay it. This is done through the Vendor Pay module.

First, navigate to the Vendor Pay list using the left navigation.

The Vendor Pay list contains all the non-Personnel Bills that have been posted in your system.

Select & Approve Bills

Select the Bills that you want to pay by using the Approved toggle on the left of the Bill. Remember that you can search the Vendor Pay list like any other list; this may be handy if you want to see all the Bills for a single Vendor, or pay Bills only from a particular month.

You can also click the blue ‘O’ button next to a Bill to see information about that Bill. This will include links to any related Orders or Dispatches. If you find a problem with the Bill or need to make an adjustment, take a look at Adjusting Posted Bills.

You can pay any number of Bills at once – just make sure they are all marked as Approved.

Processing Payments

Once you have Approved all the Bills you want to pay, click the Process Payment(s) button. This will open up the Payment Processing screen.

Select the account that you wish to use to pay the bills on the ‘Account Activity’ drop down field. The approved Bills will appear in a list below.

You can also adjust the starting Check #, or add any notes that you want to print out on the Checks.

If you want Tailwind to print checks for the payments, make sure the ‘Print Checks’ option is toggled on.

Click ‘Process’ to finish processing the payment(s). If you have chosen the Print Checks option, Tailwind will open each check as a separate tab in your browser, containing a PDF file that you can either print or save to your records.

After the payments have been processed, you will be returned to the Vendor Pay list – minus the Bills you have just paid.

While this article covers paying external Vendors, you will probably also want to pay your internal employees using the Personnel Pay Wizard.