Integrating with Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity

Trucker Tools’ “Smart Capacity” provides a next-generation solution for brokers that helps solve the problem of inaccurate, stale truckload capacity information and provides the means to compress the booking process and eliminate unnecessary manual phone calls and emails. In addition, their platform presents a continually updated view of the latest available trucks in your network and their location and status.

Tailwind understands the value of real-time truckload capacity information and offers integration with Trucker Tools that provides the following capabilities:

  • Will take all loads that have yet to be covered (Dispatched) in Tailwind and sync them to the Smart Capacity platform.
  • Once on the Smart Capacity platform, it will provide a dispatcher with an up-to-date real-time view of all available trucks minimizing the number of calls needed to cover your loads.
  • Looking at your preferred carriers and those outside your current network provides you with the best matches at the top of the list based on results returned using the Smart Capacity algorithms and workflows.

Setting up the Integration

Once signed up with Trucker Tools, two steps are required before Tailwind can share data with Trucker Tools.

First, Trucker Tools will provide you with an AccountID, IntegrationID, and “Shared Secret” that you will need to enter in the Configuration > Trucker Tools section within Tailwind.

Second, you will need to allow Trucker Tools to receive data from your system by generating an access token from within Configuration. Navigate to the Integrations > Third Party section, fill in ‘TruckerTools’ in the ‘Name’ field, and click ‘Create.’ This will generate a token that you need to provide to the Trucker Tools team.

Viewing Loads in Trucker Tools

Once everything is configured, you can quickly view loads within Trucker Tools by clicking on the “More” button from within an Order and choosing “Smart Capacity.” This will automatically display the load in the Trucker Tools platform, giving you a real-time view of all the available equipment relating to that shipment.

To learn more about how to make the best use of the Smart Capacity functions of Trucker Tools, we recommend you visit their website and take advantage of any available training and demos.