Importing POD’s

The Proof of Delivery (POD) is an essential document in the trucking industry, and most customers will want to see the POD along with their Invoice. To simplify this process, Tailwind allows you to import digital PODs and attach them to your Orders – and any attached POD will automatically be included when you transmit the corresponding Invoice.

There are two ways to attach a POD to an Order: you can attach them individually as Notes or use the POD Import tool.

Using the POD Import Tool

The POD Import tool will allow you to upload a POD file and attach it automatically to the corresponding Order, provided that the file name contains the Order/Invoice number. If you plan to use the tool regularly, you will want to make sure you are naming (or renaming) your POD files appropriately. Any filename that includes the number will work.

To use the tool, drag and drop the file into the main area of the tool, or click to open up a Browse and locate the file on your computer. The tool accepts most standard image formats, as well as PDF files.

The POD tool also allows you to import several PODs at once, which can be handy if you scan paper PODs in batches. Just drag and drop the bunch into the tool or select multiple files in the Browse.

Attaching Individual PODs

You can also attach individual PODs to an Order using the Notes section. To do so, open the Order, and in the ‘Notes’ section on the bottom left, click the ‘Add Note’ button. This will bring up the Create Note window. Select ‘Order: POD Attachment’ from the Note Type drop-down menu. Fill in the Subject and Description fields, then click on the ‘Choose File’ button at the bottom. This will prompt you to find the POD file on your computer. Do so, click ‘Open.’ Then click the ‘Create’ button.

The POD is now attached to the Order.