EZ Check-In


EZ Check-In provides an app-less tracking solution for brokers to offer tracking and arrival and departure updates for their shipments.

Setup and Configuration 

Two parts will need to be configured to begin using the EZ Check-In integration.

First, you will need to navigate to Configuration > Integrations > EZ Check-In. From here, you will need to enter the unique ClientID and Client Secret values provided to you by EZ Check-In. 

Second, you will also need to generate an API token and provide this to your account rep at EZ Check-In.  This can be done within Configuration by: 

  1. Navigate to the Integrations > Third Party 
  2. Fill “EZ Check-In” in the name field and then click Create 
  3. Copy the generated token and provide it to the EZ Check-In team.  

Using the Integration 

Once the configuration has been completed above, you will then be able to send the stop information across to EZ Check-In from your dispatch records.  

For the “Send to EZ Check-In” to display, you will need to ensure that you have filled in the required fields to send the driver that is moving the load with your carrier.  These are the Driver Cell #, Carrier Tractor #, and the Carrier Trailer #

After those have been filled in, you will see the “Send to EZ Check-In” button is available for you to click once you have thoroughly planned the dispatch and are ready to track.   

Upon clicking the button, a modal will display asking you to confirm when the tracking should start. By default, this is set to 1 hour before the arrival time of the first location on the trip but can be adjusted as desired.  After this has been set, click the “Send Dispatch Information” button and this will then create the trip in EZ Check-In and trigger an SMS message to be sent to the driver using the Cell # entered above when tracking is scheduled to start.

The SMS message will provide a link to a website in which the driver is then able to update when they arrive and depart each of the stops on the trip.  This information will flow back into Tailwind and update the arrived and departed times accordingly.