Equipment Status

Tailwind has a useful section under the Operations menu called “Equipment Status”.  From this screen you can see a quick view of your “Assets’
We consider Assets to be – Tractors, Trailers and Drivers.

This area will display relevant information for each of your Assets.  This screen will display any dispatch that the tractor, trailer or driver is presently on and as well, it will also show “Planned” dispatches if the tractor has been “Assigned” a load but that load is not yet moving so can be useful when “Planning” dispatches for a truck or driver. 

When you navigate to the “Equipment Status” screen located on the left vertical menu, clicking on it will show the Assets and you can filter this list by Tractors, Trailers and Drivers.  Over on the far right hand top corner, you have the ability to filter the view by any of those options.  As well, across the bottom you will see the ability to filter by the timeline you would like to see whether it be one day or one week ago or by looking into the future.

Also note that across the top, you will have the ability to filter this screen by the various statuses just like our order and dispatch screen giving you the ability to see the data that you want to see or the view that works best for your workflow processes