Creating and Editing Personnel

Personnel records represent all the employees of your company, whether they be dispatchers, sales reps, or truck drivers. Keeping your Personnel files up to date will help you manage payroll, pass off quotes to dispatchers, track driver miles, assign sales opportunities, and keep track of who is doing what.

Creating a Personnel Record

To create a new Personnel record, navigate to the Personnel list in the left navigation bar. Once there, click on the Create button above the list of records.

This will bring up an empty Personnel record. Next, begin filling out the fields, being as detailed as possible. Fields marked with a red asterisk are mandatory.

 Most of the fields should be fairly straightforward. For example, the ‘Internal Name’ field will refer to this person throughout Tailwind – it will default to their full name, but if someone goes by a different name or a nickname, be sure to change their Internal Name to match.

Business Roles

 Be sure to check off the appropriate Business Roles for a given person. Personnel can have more than one role – depending on the size of your business; they could have them all!

Selecting certain roles may provide additional fields to fill out.

Once you have filled out all the necessary fields, click the ‘Create’ button at the bottom of the page. This will create and then show you the new Personnel record.

Automatic Payables

You may be done, or you may want to Add Automatic Payables for the employee. Setting up Automatic Payables will let the system assign pay to Personnel automatically in particular cases – for brokers, this will mostly be used to set up commissions for your sales reps. In contrast, carriers can use them to pay their drivers whenever they are assigned to a Dispatch.