Creating and Editing Equipment

Keeping track of your tractors and trailers — where they are, who’s driving them, when they need maintenance, etc. — is key to running a successful trucking company. Tailwind provides a number of tools to help you do so, and they all center around creating and maintaining your Equipment Records.

Viewing the Equipment List

To see a list of all the Equipment records currently active in your database, navigate to the Equipment List using the left navigation menu. This will bring up a searchable list of all the Equipment you have entered so far.

Creating a New Equipment Record

If you are just setting up Tailwind, or you have been busy expanding your fleet, this list may be missing one or more pieces of equipment. In that case, click on the ‘Create Equipment’ button to add a new record.

This will bring up a blank Equipment record. Begin filling in the fields — note that fields that are required display in red until they are filled in, and are also marked with a *. Also note that the record contains many tabs — you start on the ‘General’ tab, but there are also more fields for recording Certification information, Weights & Measurements, Purchase details, and more.

Once you have entered all the necessary information, click ‘Create’ to finish creating the record. At this point you will see the new record, including several new tabs that can help you keep track of related Fuel Cards or Permits, as well as track the Service record of the equipment. The Certification tab on allows you to track registration dates, safety inspections and IFTA decals — allowing the software to remind you when an item is expiring.

(In order to use these reminders, you will need to set a specific Personnel to receive the reminders; this is configured in the Configuration menu, under Company Information > Reminders.)

Equipment Records – How Much to Enter

You do not have to fill out every field – other than the three required fields, it is up to you what information about your equipment you think is worth recording, and what is not. However, it is important to try and be consistent — if you enter weight information for one trailer, but forget to put it in for another, that makes it hard for you to compare weight information across your trailers. Try to make some decisions and stick to entering the same data for each piece of equipment – but also remember that you can always go back through and add more details, if you change your mind.

Equipment – Fuel Cards

Associating one or more Fuel Cards with a particular tractor is essential if you want to make use of Tailwind’s Fuel Import tool — but even if you don’t plan on using the imports, it can also be handy just for your own record-keeping, to keep track of which card is where. This assumes that you assign your fuel cards by tractor — if your cards tend to travel with specific Drivers, you will want to assign the card to their Personnel record instead.

Equipment – Service Records

The ‘Service’ tab on a piece of Equipment can be used to track the service history of the tractor (or trailer) — this can be useful for managing larger fleets, knowing when a piece of equipment is due for a PM service, or tracking the status and availability of particular equipment.

To add a Service record, navigate to the ‘Services’ tab and click on ‘Add Service.’ This will bring up a screen where you can enter some basic information about the service — who is doing (or managing) the servicing, the expected start and end dates, the tractor odometer — as well as a description of the ‘Reason’ for the service. You can also ask Tailwind to send you a reminder when the service End Date is reached. Once you’ve filled this out, click ‘Create’ to add the record to the Services list.

Once you have your equipment set up, it will be available when Dispatching a load.

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