Configuring Email Templates

Email Templates provide the ability to set specific default information when sending documents to customers and carriers. We currently offer email templates for the following documents:

  • Account Statement
  • Batch Invoice
  • Bill of Lading
  • Dispatch Arrived
  • Dispatch Arrived
  • Invoice
  • Load Confirmation
  • Pay Statement
  • Quote
  • Quote Rate
  • Rate Advisory
  • Trip Manifest

Setting Up an Email Template

This is currently done by going to the Gear at the top right and then going into configuration.
The section for Email Templates is under Documents and then Email Templates.

We also provide multiple smart tags, which allow you to have specific data pulled by default from the system.

To show the invoice number by default, copy and paste the smart tag %InvoiceNum%  in either the Subject or the Body to pull the invoice number from the invoice you are trying to send out.