Adjusting a Posted Bill

Posting a Bill indicates to the system that the Bill has been checked over, finalized, and approved — but sometimes, changes come up after the fact, and you need to update a Bill that has already been posted. Adjusting a posted Bill is relatively straightforward, but it does have some distinct differences from just editing a regular Bill.

Locate and Open the Bill

To adjust a posted Bill, start by locating the Bill you want to adjust. The Payables list is usually the easiest way to find a posted Bill — once you have located it, click the

to open the record itself.

Make the Adjustments

As usual, you should see the Bill record, with a red alert banner across the top warning you that this Bill has already been posted.

Make the adjustments as you would on a regular Bill. If you need to change the Bill details themselves, you will want to ‘Edit’ the Bill record; if you are updating the Payable Charges amounts, or adding a new charge, navigate to the ‘Payable Charges’ tab make your changes there.

Transaction History

Any changes made to a posted Bill — changing the Vendor/Personnel or adjusting the amounts — will also create a corresponding record in the Transaction History for that Bill. The Transaction History entry includes a record of the Bill as it was before you made the change to review the previous versions of the Bill quickly. It will also record the date on which the adjustment was made.

If you’re not sure about editing Bills or how they work, you can read about Creating and Editing Bills.
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