Tailwind Webinar Library

Tailwind Webinars Take your business to the next level with expert insights and tips from Tailwind Transportation Software

ON-DEMAND Webinar: Real-Time Visibility with Tailwind and Samsara

Samsara’s vehicle telematics and driver workflow solutions are now integrated into the Tailwind TMS. Learn how you can:

    • Direct message your drivers through your TMS 
    • Get real-time location information on your equipment 
    • Use geofencing for automated updates on arrival and departures 

    ON-DEMAND: Hindsight 2020 – New Tools You Can Use NOW!

    Learn about the new Tailwind TMS tools and integrations released in 2020, including:

      • EZTrack and Trucker Tools load tracking
      • Kleinschmidt EDI electronic document exchange
      • Completely revamped mobile POD-capture app
      • BorderConnect ACE/ACI e-manifest integration

      ON-DEMAND: Optimize Your Carrier Onboarding with Tailwind and RMIS

      Learn how you can get an additional edge and optimize your carrier onboarding with Tailwind and RMIS.

        With the RMIS integration, brokers using Tailwind can:

          • Mitigate carrier compliance risk
          • Optimize your workflows & increase profit
          • Onboard carrier partners quickly & easily

          ON-DEMAND: Real-Time Load Tracking and Capacity Optimization with Tailwind and Trucker Tools

          Learn how Tailwind’s expanded integration with Trucker Tools, allows you to eliminate wasteful phone and text ‘check calls’ between dispatch and drivers/carriers, and provides you with:

            • Tracking Accuracy
            • Real-time Event Data
            • Automated Booking
            • Decreased Downtime
            • Load Matching

            ON-DEMAND: Using Kleinschmidt EDI in the Tailwind TMS

            Learn how to seamlessly exchange digital freight documents directly within the Tailwind TMS platform.

              Tailwind, now with Kleinschmidt EDI capabilities can support you with:

                • Streamlined Workflows: No more duplicate data entry
                • Increased Productivity: Automated paper-based tasks
                • Automated Data Exchange: Business-critical data shared and tracked in real time

                ON-DEMAND: Take Control – Tech Tools That Give You the Advantage

                Hosted by Fusion Transport, learn about the tech tools from industry experts that will allow you to take control and accelerate your business.

                  Tech Tools that will Give You the Advantage:

                  • Fintech’s Excise Tax Refund Program
                  • Hubtek’s virtual workforces allows you to scale fast
                  • e4score’s affordable asset and app-less shipment event tracking
                  • Tailwind’s web-based TMS helps you take control of your business

                  ON-DEMAND: Tracking Loads and Assets with EZCheck In & EZTrack

                  Learn how $1-a-load shipment-tracking and trailer tracking from $71/year can help your freight business.

                    EZCheck-In Shipment Tracking:

                    • App-less shipment event tracking
                    • GPS-validated event timestamps

                    EZTrack Trailer Tracking:

                    • WiFi or GPS-enabled devices with 3+ year battery life
                    • No more ‘dark’ or ‘lost and never found’ trailers

                    ON-DEMAND: New Tailwind TMS Features – 2019 in the Rear-View and 2020 Vision

                    Learn about the new tools added to the Tailwind TMS in 2019 and those coming in 2020.

                      Tools that will help you:

                      • Automate workflows
                      • Streamline accounting
                      • Get at, and work with, the information you need – faster
                      • Work with clients requiring EDI 
                      • Strengthen customer and partner relationships

                      ON-DEMAND: 5-Ways to Recession-Proof Your Freight Business

                      Learn how to protect your freight business if and when a recession hits. In this 40-minute webinar you’ll learn how to:

                        1. Strengthen Your Cash-Flow
                        2. Better Manage Your Equipment and/or Carriers
                        3. Make Data-Driven Decisions (rather than just relying on your gut)
                        4. Create Stronger Customer Relationships
                        5. Optimize your Workflows

                        ON-DEMAND: Quickbooks & Tailwind TMS – Alleviate Accounting Angst

                        This webinar will help you take on Accounting Angst and show you how to:

                        • Manage your admin, ops AND books with a fully-integrated TMS + Accounting system
                        • Remove the need for duplicate data entry
                        • Strengthen your cash-flow

                        ON-DEMAND: Raising Your Dispatch Game

                        Ready to move from post-its and coffee to a more streamlined dispatch process? Join Tailwind for this 45-minute webinar that will help you with:

                        • Compliance and Pre-Planning
                        • Multitasking and Stress Management
                        • Communication and Customer Service

                        ON-DEMAND: Do You REALLY Need a TMS?

                        Ever wonder…

                        • What should I think about when considering a move to a TMS?
                        • What can a TMS system do for me?
                        • Should I even move to a TMS?

                        Join Tailwind President and CEO, Murray Pratt for insights gathered from thousands of conversations with growing freight companies that have, and have not, made the leap to a TMS.

                        ON-DEMAND: ‘Wanna See It YOUR Way’: Getting the Most Out of Your Tailwind Application

                        Customize your Tailwind TMS to get the information YOU want to see, the way YOU want to see it. Learn how to:

                        • Quickly filter your Operations views 
                        • Unlock multi-screen and multi-tab workflows
                        • Customize columns and leverage Custom Data Fields
                        • Segment your business with Branches
                        • and MORE

                        ON-DEMAND: Where the Trucks Are (Tailwind and Trucker Tools Smart Capacity)

                        Join Tailwind and Trucker Tools for this on-demand webinar to learn how to get reliable, timely truckload capacity data combined with predictive freight-matching processes and workflows.

                        ON-DEMAND: Risky Business – Avoiding the Five Most Common Freight Business Risks (30 mins)

                        Freight Transportation can be ‘Risky Business’. Don’t get caught with your pants down. Learn how to manage the five most common freight business risks.

                        ON-DEMAND: This Sucks! Eliminating the Top 5 Time Sucking Activities in Your Transportation Business (40 mins)

                        Take control over your day! Join Tailwind’s Jon Kingsley for a free 45-minute webinar to learn where the biggest time sucks can be found in your transportation business, and the tools you can employ to eliminate them.

                        ON-DEMAND: Take Your Logistics Business Up to Warp Speed with Tailwind Enterprise (45 mins)

                        A webinar for those looking to boldly go where their logistics business has never gone before…

                        Explore all the new tools aboard the recently launched, completely web-based, Tailwind Enterprise TMS.

                        ON-DEMAND: “It can do that too?” – The Top 5 ‘Blow Your Mind’ Features of Tailwind TMS (45 mins)

                        Join transportation industry expert Jon Kingsley and learn about the five Tailwind features that blow our users’ minds, and have their businesses running like well-oiled machines!

                        ON-DEMAND: Avoiding The 3-Biggest Cash-Flow Potholes In Trucking (30 mins)

                        Managing cash-flow is key for trucking companies. You have all those expenses (equipment, insurance, maintenance) before you even move a load!

                        Join Tailwind for this 30-minute webinar to learn how to avoid the three biggest cash-flow potholes on the road to profitability!

                        ON-DEMAND: Top 5 Trucking Company Resolutions (45 mins)

                        What are the Top-5 resolutions you need to take on the challenges of trucking in 2017? Watch this webinar and find out!

                        ON-DEMAND: Tailwind and QuickBooks Online (35 mins)

                        Watch this on-demand webinar presented by Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor, Kerry Smithies, and learn how you can leverage Tailwind & QuickBooks Online to:

                        • Optimize your Order to Dispatch to Invoice processes
                        • Improve your Cash Flow
                        • Track your expenses – even when on the go
                        • Get a 360-degree view of your financial health
                        • Get control over that shoebox of receipts, PODs and invoices!

                        ON-DEMAND: Top 3 Mistakes Made by Trucking Companies and How to Avoid Them (33 mins)

                        Learn about the three common mistakes made by trucking companies and how to steer around these ‘pot holes’ on your road to success!