TLA’s and Other Jargon in the Trucking Industry

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Sometimes, I wake up in a sweat in the mornings.

I worry that I have to get the RFP done ASAP and send it over PDQ to a particular customer so I can get a sale.

My clients worry about being compliance with the DOT, and the ICC, and making sure they can get their goods across the border PDQ by using ACE and ACI.

I reminded me of one of my first sales calls I made to a grocery store in Hinton, Alberta – a beautiful town in the foothills of the Rockies just an hour outside of Jasper.

When I walked in the door of the store the manager told me that I was the third P&G Sales rep he had seen that week –  so I was “SOL.”

I then said “so I am going to get SFA?”

He asked me what “SFA” is?

I told him he should “never SOL me if you don’t know what SFA means!”

It cut the ice and we had a good relationship from there on in.

You see, in every industry you have to know the industry jargon – you have to know your acronyms. And this is especially so in the trucking industry. You never know when the FMCSA is going to BYITA.


I can’t LMAO since it just got bitten, if you know what I mean.

When I first started emailing and texting centuries ago, I thought “LOL” meant ‘Lots of Love.”

I found it really confusing when someone sent that message out to me. It was from one of my fellow board members at our local marketing association. I mean we had a solid relationship, but I just couldn’t figure it out. I told her that since we have this ‘thing’ going on between us now, we should make sure that we don’t have any PDAs at our next meeting.

She asked me why I was worried about having cellphones at our meetings. It was so confusing, especially when you find out that some of the acronyms were doubling down. WT….H?

It reminded me of a joke…

A prisoner of war joins his fellow prisoners in the mess hall for lunch.

He hears one prisoner calling out a random number – 44!…56!…89! – shortly followed by quick bursts of laughter from prisoners all around the room.

He turns to the guy beside him who has just finished chuckling and asks.

“What is this number calling and this laughter all about.”

“Well” says the fellow prisoner, “the guards don’t allow us to tell any jokes in the mess hall, so we tell the jokes in the exercise yard and assign each one a number…everyone has all the jokes committed to memory.”

“I got it,” says the new guy.

Trying to fit in, a few minutes later, the new guy yells out “66!”

He is met with a stony silence and stares all around.

The prisoner looks at the new guy and says,

“Buddy, you just don’t know how to tell a joke!”

In the trucking industry, you better know your three and four letter acronyms…or you are SOL! You won’t get any loads, and you will probably get SFA!


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