Lightbulb leader

Thought Leadership – in trucking software and beyond


“Ah… Murray… Murray?”

“Oh, hi Prab. I am so glad you dropped by again. Looks like you caught me in my Thought Leadership work again”

“Thought Leadership work?”

“You know Prab – sometimes this Thought Leadership stuff can get to a guy.”

“Well, actually, I checked with Mitch the owner. He said that you were the President… He said that if you weren’t, then he would be the first to know – even before you!”

“I know I am the President. But if we are going to survive Prab, Tailwind needs a Thought Leader as well. I tried to get EG to do it but he is going to have a kid soon. Mark and Brad had new babies this year and they have zombie looks on their faces every second day from a lack of sleep. John keeps on bumping his head on the closet door in the middle of the night so he is feeling fuzzy. No one will step up to do it… so I just added it to my responsibilities.”

“Can’t you just be  President & CEO who practices Thought Leadership?”

“I did think about it. But then I realized that every software company – and a trucking software company in particular – needs a Thought Leader. Some thinking guru who the press can turn to when there are important questions in the trucking and freight brokerage industries  that need to be answered.”

“Don’t you think President is a good enough title?”

“Meh. It’s just so… just so… well, just so English. I like ‘Thought Leader’ because it’s just so elevated a concept. I mean I could have gone with El Capitano, or Grand Frommage, or El Capo di Capi, or even The Big Kahuna… but President… well, that sort of feels like someone who leads a Bridge club.”

“So what should we call you then?”

“Murray works. Hey Prab, let me show you the new updated Dashboard on my computer. You can see all the dials working. Now you can see in real time when a Fleeting Thought is generated! Just think of the potential. Once we figure out all the outputs and metrics for someone working in the Thought Leadership department then we can hire people and pay them on commission!”

“Like, no salary and hourly wage?”

“None at all. We will have this baby wired so tightly that we will take Thought Leadership back to the days of Taylorism and the mass production of cars – in a ‘forward thinking looking back’ way. Right now, Thought Leadership is similar to the dawn of automobile manufacturing. Like when Henry Ford said ‘you can have any color of car, as long as it’s black’. It’s the same right now here in the Thinkesphere…”

“The Thinkesphere?”

Yep… it’s like the Internet only it’s bigger… and it actually preceded the Internet. I phoned Al Gore and told him to buzz- off. No one is going to come in 20 years later and tell me they invented the Thinkesphere. I my humble opinion, its’ always been there. We are just catching up to it now!”

“So Murray, how do we know that all of this Thought Leadership is going to come to something? That it’s going to translate into something of value for our trucking software business.?

“Well, I am confident it will deliver value to both our trucking software and freight broker software sides. Look what has happened so far. Remember the time I ordered that Fat Head Transformer for the Dev room? Eh? Eh?. That is just the start of it. But my starting point will focus on how to measure the inputs into Thought Leadership. I feel that if I can get that right then we can hire some Junior Thought Leaders and pay them on a commission basis. Say, like they get 1 cent for a Fleeting Thought, a nickel for a Nice Idea and say 20 cents for a Paradigm?”

“They are going to have to do a lot of thinking to make some real coin, Murray. Like it costs $2-million to buy a home these days.”

“I get it… I will have to work on the numbers but I do like 20 cents for a Paradigm… has some nice symmetry to it… so Prab what did you come to see me about?”

“I was just bringing you back your stapler”

“Oh… good. Thanks for doing that. Tell Kyle, Rav, Erick and Johnny ‘hello’ from me.”