Technical FAQ

Tailwind Pro, Enterprise and Unlimited Technical FAQs

Who is your cloud provider and what are the backup processes in place for customer data?

Microsoft Azure is Tailwind’s cloud provider. Every Tailwind 7 Pro, Enterprise and Unlimited customer has their own database and Microsoft Azure automatically performs a combination of full database backups weekly, differential database backups hourly, and transaction log backups every five minutes to protect your business from data loss. These backups are stored in locally redundant storage for seven days. The full and differential database backups are also replicated to a paired data center. The primary data center is on the west coast, with a paired data center on the east coast. In the event of a disaster on the west coast Azure can restore the database to another geographical location, losing not more than one (1) hours worth of data (likely less).

If your service crashes, what happens to our data and what is the recovery plan?

Your data is secured by Microsoft Azure as noted above. The application services are separate from the database. Our application services are also hosted on Microsoft Azure who maintain an uptime guarantee of 99.9%. This does not preclude the possibility of a problem in the application that causes a loss of functionality or use. In that case we would roll back to a prior version if it were causing a critical outage. You may lose access to your database during an outage but we would work to restore promptly depending on the nature of the outage.

If we terminate our Tailwind relationship, what happens to our data? Is there a fee to get it out?

We archive the data in the Tailwind format for at least three (3) months post cancellation – with no fee.

Prior to the end of your subscription you have the ability to export your data in Excel format.

Is the Quickbooks integration something that can be set up to integrate on a schedule? Or, does Tailwind create a QuickBooks upload file that is later imported into QuickBooks manually?

Neither. It is a fully integrated push, triggered by a user “pushing a button”. Tailwind then directly connects to QuickBooks online and pushes the data in. No file download/upload required – it’s a direct connection.

Can we upload digital documents like photos of signed BOLs from the field and have these associated with a trip?

You can do this with the recently launched Tailwind POD Complete mobile app – available for Android and iPhone.

Does Tailwind track DOT regulations for active trips (such as rest periods, etc.)?

We don’t at the moment, but are working on integrations that will do this.