Tailwind Transportation Management Software

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New Tailwind Transportation Management Software users are enabled to access any of the reports that were ever created and filed for any of their customers. These reports are organized accordingly into their specific categories. They are much easier to find and sort through with all of the unique individual filters. With the filters, one can find what they are looking for in an efficient and orderly manner.

These reports help to maximize ease within the Software Industry. They also provide the end user with a very sophisticated Content Management System. Companies are able to run reports for virtually any statistic from all across the board when it comes to running reports. These reports range from just users that use the Dispatch Software, all the way to the people that are on the field and completing the job. You are also able to run reports on how much money is spent on fuel, or even on how much a particular truck uses within a given month. It makes it really simple and effortless to keep track of things such as expenses.

Tailwind Transportation Software is able to replicate and provide users with all of the documentation that was once used and puts them into a digital format. When the file undergoes this change, the original documentation is not, in any way, altered. This allows you to easily print digital reports that are familiar to yourself, as well as your business. It can also be very beneficial for you to have these documentations saved in this particular format.

Reaching even further to the limits, the Android Transportation Management Software allows the drivers to collect signatures on the job. The reports are then emailed in the layout of your choice in email format to the customers.

Tailwind’s Transportation Management Software customizes to your company’s use in order to make your daily routine as easy and automated as possible. Working with our amazing customer support will make you truly feel and believe that we care about your success just as much as our own.

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