Vendor Pay

The ‘Vendor Pay’ module will allow you to see all payables that are outstanding. This is where you will come to create your checks for Payments on Bills that you have received.  

NOTE:  This is NOT where you owner op or driver payables will show. This is only for other vendor payables, such as outside carriers, maintenance and utility payables.  Driver and Owner Op payables are worked through the Driver Pay Wizard tool. To see how that tool is used, please go here: Driver Pay Wizard.

By using the filter located directly under your branch information, you can either choose payables that are due at a specific date or you can choose all by ticking the box to the right of the date field.

You can audit each bill by double clicking into the line.

By ticking the box to the left of the line, this will set the bill up for payment.  To create and print checks for your payables run, just select all of the applicable bills by ticking the box on the left-hand side of each bill. You can then print off the checks for each bill by clicking the ‘Print Check(s)’ button in the bottom right-hand corner of the module.

When you click on ‘Print Check(s)’, the ‘Check Print List’ window will open, as in the image below:

Here you have the ability to change your starting check number, select the date you want the checks dated for, or put in a check note.  By clicking ‘Process’, the ‘Print Setup’ window will then appear, as in the image below:

From here, you can choose which printer to send the checks to for printing.

Even if you do not process your checks of payments through Tailwind CMS, you will still need to clear the payables from the TW program so that you data stays current.  When you get the Check Print List screen you can untick the box “Print Checks” beside the check number and the system will create dummy payments for those bills you have selected, thus clearing them out of your ‘Payables’ module and adding them to the Payables Historical Data. You should always ensure that you have paid these invoices in whichever accounting program you use before you clear them in Tailwind.