Quick Miles

The Quick Miles tool gives you the ability to view routes, calculate mileages between locations, and plan out trips.  Note that this tool accesses data from the mileage program and will require the purchase of mileage integration in order to work. In order to open this tool, navigate to the ‘Tools’ section on the upper-most horizontal toolbar then select ‘Operations: Quick Miles’. That will open the mileage program, as in the image below:

You can enter your state or province or use the pull down and choose your state or province and then you can type the name of the city in the city field.  If you do not have the postal or zip code, once you type in the name of the city and press the button “Add”, you can choose from a list of postal or zip codes associated with that city.  By choosing the city description with ### ### you will be choosing the location closest to the main post office of that city or town.  If you have the postal or zip code of the city, you can enter it in the Postal Code field and this will allow for mapping to the actual location within the city or town.  

You can have two locations entered or multiple locations entered.  If you want to rearrange the locations in order of drop, then by highlighting a location and using the arrows to the left, you can move the locations up or down depending on your preferences. The mapping application will recalculate the mileage between each location and also give you the total miles. Perhaps there are multiple routes to get between your locations. By coming down into the map area of the window, you can drag and drop the “orange” route line to an alternate route and the map application will recalculate the miles corresponding to the route you have chosen.