Location Sequence Auditing Wizard

The Location Sequence Auditing Wizard is a tool for fixing routing issues.  If a truck has been dispatched out of sequence on loads, this is where you can fix this mistake. You can access the Location Sequence Auditing Wizard within the Tools section of the upper-most horizontal toolbar within Tailwind. Doing so will cause the Location Sequence Auditing Wizard window to appear, as in the image below:

You can choose your truck to re-sequence on the first window of this tool and click ‘Next’ in the bottom right hand corner, as in the image below:

Then it will list all trips that the truck has done on the second window.  By highlighting a trip on the left window, it will display the locations on that particular trip in the middle pane and then display the jurisdictional miles on the far right pane. When you re-sequence trips, the mileage application will recalculate the mileage between locations according to how you re-arrange them. By clicking ‘Save’ at the bottom right, this will save the record and pay the truck accordingly – if paid by mileage (if paid by percentage or flat rate, then pay will not be adjusted, just the miles).