Receivables: Incoming Payment Wizard

The Incoming Payment Wizard is a tool tool which is used to receive payments from your customers for invoices that you have sent them. This tool can be accessed in the ‘Tools’ selection of the upper-most horizontal toolbar in Tailwind and selecting ‘Receivables: Incoming Payment Wizard’. Select the customer that has sent you a payment and enter their check number, date received, and the amount of the payment and use “Next —>” in the bottom right hand corner. The image below shows an example of the ‘Incoming Payment Wizard’ with the details filled in:

You can distribute the payment over one or multiple invoices by ticking the box beside the invoice number. You can also customize exactly how much is being contributed to a particular invoice by selecting the ‘Applied’ field and entering an amount manually.

You also have the ability to short pay invoices and you can choose to either leave the remaining amount as Outstanding or you can choose to “Write it off” depending on the circumstances.  Once you are done entering the payments, click ‘Finish’ in the bottom right-hand corner to complete the transaction.  Those invoices that you selected will now show as “Paid” in your system. You will have the ability to view these payments when on the order by going to ‘View’ then selecting ‘Related Transactions’.