Payables: Incoming Invoice Wizard

The ‘Incoming Invoice Wizard’ is a tool that will allow you to receive invoices from any of your vendors, whether they are brokered carriers, utility vendors, or maintenance and repair vendors. This tool can be accessed by selecting the ‘Tools’ option on the upper-most horizontal toolbar within Tailwind and selecting ‘Payables: Incoming Invoice Wizard’. Selecting this will cause the ‘Incoming Invoice Wizard’ window to appear, as in the image below:

The following fields must be filled in to proceed:

  • Carrier/Vendor
  • Ref #
  • Bill Date
  • Inv Date
  • Inv Received
  • Amount

Once these fields have been filled in, you can then choose ‘Next –>’. This will take you to the preview screen. If there are any unposted bills for this vendor in your system, they will appear here. You can then select the individual bill and go forward through the wizard to finish and this will post the bill. If there are no unposted bills for this vendor then by going through to the last page on this wizard you can now apply the expense to a payable charge type (which will categorize the expense for accounting and reporting purposes) and any applicable taxes and adding the line and clicking finish, it will post the bill and move it to the “Vendor Pay” module for payment at it’s scheduled time. The scheduled pay date will automatically populate depending on the criteria you have set on the vendor record for “pay terms”

You are always able to see if you have distributed all costs for the bill by looking in the “remaining” field at the bottom right hand side as this will tell you if you have any remaining amounts to account for.

The Incoming Invoice Wizard will also help you distribute costs that your company may pay on behalf of owner operators such as fuel, repair bills, etc.  By clicking the Deduction box at the top of the last screen, this will allow you to choose an owner op that you want to charge.  Also, this is a great tool to use for receiving your fuel invoices as you can distribute the chargebacks to owner operators, account for transaction fees (second tab) and on the third tab you can do the following:

  1. Assign the charge to a specific piece of equipment
  2. Apply the cost to a dispatch or order
  3. Associate the cost to a service activity (this will flow thru to your equipment records and show as a service item
  4. Associate the cost to a Fuel Stop (this will flow thru to the IFTA module for IFTA reporting