Driver Pay Wizard

The Driver Pay Wizard is a tool which allows you to pay your drivers and owner operators much more easily. This tool is opened by selecting ‘Tools’ and then ‘Driver Pay Wizard’. Once you do this, it will open the ‘Driver Pay Wizard’ window, which details the options for how this driver pay will be applied. This page allows you to select the pay date, the percentage of pay, and the branches that are to be included. You can also select whether you want to include company drivers and owner operators. The window will appear as detailed in the image below:

Once you have selected all of the applicable criteria, select ‘Next –>’. You will be taken to a list of all applicable bills for a certain driver that fall within the date criteria stated on the previous screen and have yet to be paid to the driver. You can switch between drivers and owner operators by changing the selection in the drop-down menu in the top left-hand corner of the screen. You can change the specific driver you wish to view in the menu to the right of that drop-down menu. You can also change the percentage to pay in the box titled ‘Percentage’ to the right of the driver’s name. The list will populate as in the image below:

The table displays all of the necessary details which apply to each given bill. There is also a display of the whole balance due to each driver in the bottom right-hand corner. From here, you can add a bonus/deduction, add an advance, or move on to the next driver.

If you select ‘Add Bonus./Deduction’, a window will open giving you the opportunity to add an extra amount or deduct a certain amount from the driver’s overall pay. This will allow you to create a quick bill which can be customized to total the exact amount you want to add or deduct from this specific driver’s pay. It will appear as in the window below:

If you wish to add the bonus/deduction, just fill in the applicable details and hit ‘Save & Close’. The new bill will then appear in the list of bills for that driver. If you add a bonus/deduction in error, just right-click on that particular bill and select ‘Cancel bill’. This will remove the bill from your database entirely.

If you wish to add an advance, select the ‘Add Advance’ button. That will cause the ‘Add Advance’ window to appear. This allows you to provide a driver with an advance on a certain pay period. You can select the charge type, the amount to be advanced, the date of the advance, and the date of the deduction which will cancel out the advance. This will create two charges: a positive one on the charge date and a negative one on the deduct date. These two charges will work in tandem to cancel one another out. The window will appear as in the image below:

The advance, and its subsequent deduction (provided the deduction falls within the date range provided), will appear on the list of bills for that given driver.

Once you have selected all of the applicable invoices for the given driver, click ‘Next –>’ to go to the next driver and carry out the same procedure. Once you have completed all of the drivers (or owner-operators) you wish to pay, you will be taken to the final page of the ‘Driver Pay Wizard’. It will give you a total of all the applicable amounts for company drivers, for owner operators, and the sum of both. The window will populate as in the image below:

You will then have the option of printing each driver’s pay statement, printing a summary for all drivers, and printing and/or paying all drivers. Once each applicable setting has been selected, click ‘Finish’. This will carry out all of the instructions you have set out in the Driver Pay Wizard up to this point.

You will be given the usual printing options for all of the documents you have selected to print, and the ‘Check Print List’ window will appear. This is where you select which account will be responsible for paying the drivers. You can also select the first number of the cheque, the order in which the cheques print, the date of printing, and whether or not you wish to add a note to the cheque. All applicable drivers will appear in the list of payable drivers, as in the image below:

To finalize the process and pay these cheques, select the ‘Process’ button at the bottom right-hand corner of this window. You will then be asked if you want to process these cheques. If so, select ‘Yes’. You will then be given the usual printing options in order to actually physically print the cheques. Once the cheques have been printed, the process is complete.