Setting Up and Using Load Boards

Load Board Account Details:

Please reach out to your load board vendor if you are missing this account information.

Please follow these instructions for setting up and using your loadboards:

1. Once you receive confirmation, you will need to configure equipment types for each loadboard that you use.  You can do this by following these instructions:

  • Navigate to View -> System Configuration
  • Once the System Configuration window opens, highlight Equipment Types on the left vertical tree
  • On the right you will see Equipment names listed ie:  Van, Reefer, Flatdeck and with a right mouse function on the equipment type, you can now choose “Associate to Posting Site Equipment Type”
  • A smaller  window will now appear and in the pull down menu will be listed any Posting Site that has been enabled in your database.  Choose the Posting Site account that you want to associate and then tick the box next to the appropriate Equipment type.
  • Continue to do this for all equipment types that you want associated and also continue to do this for all posting sites that you use

Each posting site may have slightly different descriptions and that is the reason you need to associate.  See screen shots below:

To advertise a load from within Tailwind, this can be done in one of two ways.

  1.  Navigate to the Order Module and highlight the order you wish to advertise and with a right mouse function on the order in question, you can then choose “Advertise”
  2.  Double click into the order and going across the order menu items to Load Matching, you can then choose “Advertise Load”