Express: Setting Up Quickbooks

In order to synch your Tailwind data to QuickBooks, the Tailwind support department will install a special client on your desktop and you will be given a special QB login and password. This client is to be used for the synching of financial data only. None of the icons you are used to will be visible in this client. And you may notice that it is much slower than your regular database. This is a one way synch only. It will send data from Tailwind to QuickBooks only. However, Customers and Vendors will go both ways. 

Important note:  Before synching any data or doing any set up, you will need to ensure your customers and vendors that have been created in Tailwind are named exactly as they appear in QuickBooks. The internal name in Tailwind must match the name in QuickBooks exactly in order to be linked together. If the internal name in Tailwind is not exactly the same as the name in QuickBooks, the synch will insert new customer and vendor records that could end up being duplicates. It is recommended that you print your customer and vendor list from QuickBooks and ensure that any customer or vendor records that have been created in Tailwind match this list. To correct a customer or vendor name in Tailwind to match QuickBooks, just change the internal name on the record in Tailwind.

Once you are ready to start synching between Tailwind and QuickBooks, inform the Customer Success Team and they will carry out the following:

  • Install a special client version of Tailwind on the computer which will be carrying out the QuickBooks synch.
  • Provide you with a special QuickBooks-synch Login and Password for Tailwind.

Once this is done, open up the special client version of Tailwind and enter the QuickBooks-synch login credentials.