Searching For Records

Another useful way to navigate through your Tailwind database is by using the different ‘Search’ tools available in the horizontal taskbar at the top of Tailwind CMS. There are currently three search options to use:

  • Search 
  • Open Order 
  • Open Dispatch 


The ‘Search’ tool is a contextual tool, which means its content changes depending on the module you are currently accessing. It can be accessed in three ways:

  • Clicking the binoculars button on the horizontal toolbar while accessing the module you wish to search within.
  • Clicking file then selecting ‘Search’ while accessing the module you wish to search within.
  • Hitting F3 while accessing the module you wish to search within.

Any of these options will cause a contextually-generated window to pop up. As an example, here is the window that appears when searching in the ‘Dispatch’ module:

As explained previously, the search function is contextual. This means that the make-up of the actual search window will change depending on the module. This is because the records within each module are made up of different fields that are searchable. Using this window, the entire database of dispatches can be searched with as much or as little detail as you require.

Once you enter the details of your search and hit ‘Search’, the records which show on the module will be filtered down to only those that fit the criteria set out by your search. If only one record matches the criteria set out by your search, then this record will open automatically.

Open Order

In the event that you are searching for a specific order and you already have the order number, you can search for it using the ‘Open Order’ button, located on the horizontal toolbar. It has this icon: 

Unlike the ‘Search’ function, the ‘Open Order’ function is not contextual. Regardless of the current module you are accessing, selecting this function will always open an order based on the number that you provide. Unlike the ‘Search’ function, you can only return one order and you must have the order number before performing the search.

Open Dispatch

The ‘Open Dispatch’ function operates exactly like the ‘Open Order’ function. The only difference is that it uses a dispatch number rather than an order number. It can be accessed on the horizontal toolbar by clicking this icon: 

This function is also not contextual. No matter which module you are accessing, you can always use this function to open a specific dispatch, provided you have the specific dispatch number.