HOW TO: Reset Tailwind User passwords as the Admin User

In the event that a non-administrative user requires a password reset, please have the administrative (admin) user reset the password with the following steps:
1. Have the admin user sign into the Tailwind SaaS website.
2. Once logged in, the admin user needs to access the ‘RemoteApps and Desktops’ section of the website and select the icon named ‘AdminSet’:

3. This will download an .rdp file. Once this has downloaded, open it and another window named “RemoteApp” will appear:

4. Select ‘Connect’. You will be prompted to enter your password again in order to gain access to the Wizmo environment.
5. Once this is done, a window named ‘Wizmo AdminSet’ will appear:

To change a user password, just right click on that user’s email address and select ‘Change Password’. **Please note that the admin user can change any user’s password from this section, but not their own. The admin user’s password can only be changed from within the “Change Password” section on the Tailwind SaaS webpage.**
6. Once the new password has been entered and confirmed, a notification will appear letting the admin user know what the user’s new password is.
7. Once all of this has been done, the user will now be able to login using the new password in conjunction with their Login Email. They will then be prompted to change their password again when they do this. Have them set a new password, then login again using the password that they have just set. This will be their password from now on, and will last 60 days only.