The receivables list screen is where you can access any or all historical data on your receivables.   

Invoices and payments will both appear on this screen.  Posted invoices and payments will appear in red while unposted invoices and payments will appear in black.

Alternatively, if you are looking for historical data on one specific invoice, you can access that by clicking on the “Toggle Tree” bar located to the left of the screen.  There you will see a place you can enter one invoice and the system will then display all related records to that invoice, including reversals, adjustments and payments.

The Receivables module is another section which contains a contextual searching tool. This can be used by clicking the binoculars icon on the horizontal toolbar, by hitting the F3 key, or by clicking ‘File’ then selecting ‘Search’. By using the various filters on this search you can access any or all of a specific customer’s invoices and payments. Leaving the filter blank will allow you to search through your entire receivables history.