Quickbooks Troubleshooting

On occasion, when a synch is performed, there may be data that does not synch over. It will remain in the preview window and will show an error on the right. You can now right-click the line item and choose “Diagnose Error”. The system will return a window that will give you the reason this particular record will not synch to QuickBooks.

If you need any assistance in understanding why an error has come up and how to fix it, you can view our extensive documentation on QuickBooks errors here: QuickBooks Troubleshooting. If the error you are experiencing is not resolved by any article in this list, please let us know: support@tailwindtms.com.

If you would like to see when a record was sent over to QuickBooks, you can do this by viewing the record’s Logs. To view this, open up the specific record, select “View”, and, within this menu, select “Logs”. You can also view the Logs by opening the record and hitting “Ctrl +L” on your keyboard.

That will open a window that gives the history of this particular record.  The bottom half of that window will show a link that is the link to QuickBooks. Here you can right-click the link and select one of the following options:

Here is a brief description of what these options do:

  • “Verify the record in accounting”: This performs a check to see if the record still exists in QuickBooks. If it does not exist in QuickBooks any more, then this will make the record available to synch again. Use this to “unsuppress” any records that have either been suppressed in error or need to be re-synched over following a deletion of the record in QuickBooks.
  • “Display this record in accounting”: Provided your QuickBooks file is open and the record still exists in QuickBooks, then this option will open up this record in QuickBooks. This is useful to compare the record in Tailwind with the record in QuickBooks.