QuickBooks Synch Suppression

“Suppressing a record” means that the record will not be syncher over to QuickBooks from Tailwind, and the record will also never show up on a subsequent synchronization. This is useful if it is a record that you do NOT want to move over to QuickBooks.

To suppress a record, it will first have to be identified on the synchronization list, such as the list below:

To suppress a record from this list, right-click on the record and select “Suppress this record”. This will remove it from the list and make it unavailable for synchronization going forward.

Un-suppressing a Record

In the event hat a record needs to be un-suppressed (either due to being suppressed in error or otherwise), this can be done by “verifying” the record. Records can be “verified” manually by using the record Logs.

To do so, locate the record in Tailwind, navigate to “View” and select “Logs”. In the bottom of the logs, there is a section which details the “Accounting Package” this record is linked to. To unsuppress the record, right-click on the correct accounting package which you do want the record to sync to, and select “Verify this record in accounting”. This will attempt to locate the record in QuickBooks, identify that it is not here, and update the record to allow you to sync it over to QuickBooks.

You can also verify multiple records at the same time by checking off the verify options on the synchronization window, as in the image below.

In the settings above, Tailwind will attempt to verify all records in QuickBooks. These options can be checked and unchecked as you require.

Note that while multiple records can be unsuppressed at the same time using the “Verify” function, records can only be suppressed one-at-a-time in the result set. Use the “Verify” function within the synchronization window carefully, as it can unsuppress a number of records which are meant to be suppressed.