Overview of Main Page and Program Icons

When you open Tailwind CMS it will always open on the “Main Page”, which looks like this:


From here you can navigate to wherever you want to go.  

The main window menus run along the top of the application, following the basic standards for Windows applications. These options provide access to tasks such as creating new records, printing, configuring the system, importing or exporting data, and other tools and wizards. Keyboard shortcut combinations are indicated next to the most commonly used menu options, as shown in the image below:

Horizontal Toolbar

New Form
The New Form button creates a new record. Its function is contextual, meaning it changes depending on what module of the system you are in. For example, if clicked when looking at the Personnel List, the New Form button would open a new blank Personnel Record. 

The Search button opens a Search Dialog, specific to the list that you are currently viewing. Its functionality is similar to the New Form button, in that it changes depending on your location within the software. 

The Stop button cancels the loading of any list in Tailwind, and is helpful when loading long lists, where the data you desire is returned somewhere near the top. 

The Refresh List button functions in two ways: 
If simply clicked, the button reloads the contents of the current list, based upon whatever searching or filtering criteria is currently being applied 
If the adjacent down arrow is clicked, the button gives the option to Reset List in addition to Reload List. Choosing Reset List will clear any search or filter criteria applied, at the same time refreshing the list. 

The Print button prints the contents of the current list to a printer, a fax, an email, the screen, or to a physical file. 
For further details on the available printing options, see the Printing page (insert hyperlink here) 

The Navigator button returns you to the Tailwind splash screen, otherwise referred to as the navigator. 
For further details, including how to customize the navigator, see the Navigator page (insert hyperlink here)

The mileage button opens a query window in whatever mileage application is integrated with CMS. From the query window, manual routing can be run without the need for filling out route plan locations. 

New Task
The New Task button creates a new blank Task

Quick Order Wizard
The Quick Order Wizard button launches the Quick Order Wizard, which provides a single screen capable of generating an order with multiple shipments, as well as generating the related dispatch. 

Order From Template
The Order From Template button generates a new order based upon an existing Order Template 

Open Order
The Open Order button allows you to open any order within the system directly by its number. This is the fastest way to open an existing order in the system. 

Open Dispatch
The Open Dispatch button allows you to open any dispatch within the system directly by its number. This is the fastest way to open an existing dispatch in the system. 

Equipment Status
The Equipment Status button launches the Equipment Status screen, which provides a listing of tractors and trailers based upon dispatch information entered into the system, as well as satellite tracking information, if available. 

Customer Rate History
The Customer Rate History button opens the Customer Rate History search window, which provides a method for seeking out similar loads booked by a given customer, and determining the average rate. 

Carrier Rate History
The Carrier Rate History button opens the Carrier Rate History search window, which provides a method for seeking out similar loads moved by a given carrier, and determining the average rate. 

Vertical Menu

The Vertical menu stretches down the left-hand side of the screen. It is the main navigation tool in Tailwind CMS – facilitating the movement between major modules and lists within the system. 
The small buttons at the top serve to distinguish between Operational and Administrative modules.

Access to these components can be restricted by way of Personnel Security.