HOW TO: Install the Tailwind CMS 5.x Client

System Requirements

The Tailwind CMS 5.0 Client has the following minimum requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista (Please install all service packs from Windows Update)
    • Windows NT not supported, Windows 2000 or XP recommended
  • 400 MHz or higher Pentium-compatible CPU
  • MS Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2
  • 512 MB memory
  • Network connection
  • 120 MB free hard disk space (includes ProMiles™ and Crystal Reports™ engine)
  • Machines connecting remotely must have ping latency of no more than 20ms.

Installation Materials

Tailwind CMS 5.X Client Installation Procedure

Installing Program Files

  • Download and run the TAILWIND_CMS_5_4.exe and once it’s installed download and run OCX_file_re-registering.bat as an administrator
    • You will be greeted with the CMS Client installation splash screen
    • Click Next to begin the installation
  • Carefully read the contents of the license agreement
    • If you agree to the terms, select I accept the terms in the license agreement and click Next
  • Most users will choose the Typical installation method
    • A custom installation will give the option to deselect the Crystal Reports viewer
    • A minimal installation will install without ProMiles, if the package you are installing is bundled with ProMiles

NOTE: All installation types give the option to choose an installation directory 

  • Select the destination to install to
    • For most users the default location of C:\Program Files (x86)\Tailwind CMS\ is desirable
    • To customize the installation location, click Change and choose the desired destination
  • Click Finish on the final screen to complete the installation
  • Launch the Tailwind CMS 5.0 Client by double-clicking its icon on the desktop

NOTE:   If there is no icon on your desktop, see Fixing a Missing or Broken Shortcut

Please note that the instructions contained within this document are accurate up to and including Tailwind version 5.4. While later versions of Tailwind 5 should be able to make use of this procedure, we always recommend reaching out to the Tailwind Support Team for any installations. You can contact the Customer Success Team by emailing us at, or calling us at 1-866-441-0441, extension 1.