Fix a Missing or Broken Shortcut


Occasionally the Tailwind CMS 5.0 Client is removed from the desktop.

This can happen during a client upgrade, when a new local user profile is created, or simply by accident.


Locate the Tailwind CMS 5.0 Client Executable

  • Navigate to the location of your Tailwind installation, typically C:\Program Files\Tailwind CMS\

Create a Shortcut on the Desktop

  • Find the file named CMS2002.exe

NOTE: Depending on your viewing preferences, the file may not end in .exe

  • Right-mouse click the file, and select Send to -> Desktop

Rename the Shortcut

  • Locate the new shortcut on your desktop
  • Right-mouse click, and Rename the file from Shortcut to CMS2002.exe to Tailwind CMS