Filter a Report by Branch

Here is a solution for filtering your reports by branch:

1. Open the ‘Reports’ module on the Administration section of Tailwind CMS.

2. Select the report you wish to open and filter by branch.

3. In the ‘Report Filtering Criteria’ section, click on an empty field. A drop down menu will appear with a number of fields you can filter the report by.

4. Select ‘Branch’ from that drop down menu.

5. In the ‘Value’ section, select the branch you want filter this report by.

6. Your report can now be filtered by that Branch. In this example, the report will be filtered to show only the Sales & Costs By Order (Financial) for orders which were made by the branch Tailwind Management Systems Inc due to the filter applied below:

7. If you require further filtering, more criteria can be added in the same way without affecting the filter already applied. Now that the filter is applied, you can view and print the report with the necessary filter.