Email Setup (SMTP)

1.   In Tailwind navigate to ‘View -> Location Preferences -> Email’. 

2.   Obtain your SMTP server information.

  •  In Microsoft Outlook you can find this information by going to File -> Account Settings .You will then see your available email accounts click on the one that you wish to use and write down the Server Configuration Information.
  •  Or obtain this information from your email service provider.

3.    ‘SMTP Server’ is the information you wrote down in step 2.
4.    ‘Email Address’ is your email account.
5.   ‘Display Name’ is the name that you wish to appear in the inbox of people that receive email from this account.
6.   Check off ‘SMTP Authentication’
7.   ‘Username’ is the email used to login into the email account being used in step 4.
8.   ‘Password’ is the password used to login into the email account being used in step 4.
9.   There is an option to have your email account cc’ed with emails that are sent via SMTP. The reason for this being that since the email is sent via SMTP there will be no record created in your sent messages. Therefore having yourself cc’ed on the messages will create a record in your inbox that will allow you to accurately track the emails sent from Tailwind via SMTP.
10.  ‘Save & Close’