Customizing Your Branch

Now that you have logged in to Tailwind CMS and have started familiarizing yourself with the layout and navigation of the software, it is time to start customizing Tailwind CMS to match your needs. The first thing to do is to set your Branch Information.

A branch is a digital representation of an office of your company. A default branch will have been set up for you already. To view this, you need to navigate to the ‘View’ section at the top of the program and select ‘System Configuration’. That will cause the System Configuration to appear, as in the image below:

To view your branch, click on ‘Company Information’. Here you will see your Default Branch in the window on the right, as in the image below: 

To add a new Branch, select the ‘Add Branch’ button. It will cause a new window to appear, which looks like this:

Notice that the field descriptions ‘Internal Name’ and ‘Logo’ are written in red. This means that these fields are required in order for the Branch to be saved. Even though they are not red, you will also need to fill in the Liability Insurance and Cargo Insurance details, too. If you select the ‘Company’ drop down section on either insurance section, you will notice that they are blank. This means that you need to generate an insurance vendor within your Tailwind CMS.

To do this, minimize your Branch window (by clicking the ‘_’ symbol located at the top right-hand side of the window) then follow the Create a Vendor instructions to add your insurer to your list of Vendors. To view the Create a Vendor section, please go here: Create a Vendor.

Once you have created an insurer, reopen the Branch window that you previously minimized and fill in the Liability and Cargo Insurance sections in the Branch window. Your insurer will now appear in the ‘Company’ drop down section as you have set their Vendor type to ‘Vendor – Insurance’ when creating them. Fill in the fields based on your own policies with your respective insurer.

From here, start filling in the left-hand fields of this window. While not every field is required to save the branch into the Tailwind CMS system, it is advised to fill in as many as possible.

Once you have filled in the fields, you will need to add a logo. To do this, follow the Create a Logo instructions located here: Create a Logo. You can also submit the logo to our Customer Success Team and they will upload your logo for you. You can do that by emailing

Once you have uploaded your logo, your branch should be complete. A completed ‘Branch’ section should look like this:

If your branch details match the level of detail in the image above, click ‘Save & Close’. Your branch will now appear in the list of branches on the ‘Company Information’ section of System Configuration, like this:

You have now successfully created your branch and can move on to the next step of populating your database.