Enable / Create custom user defined fields

The user-defined fields section provides the ability to create up to four fields for each type of record specified. There may be specific needs, related to your business, that require data that is not currently available in your system. Examples of unique needs are the indication of billing cycles, wide-loads, and driver notification status.


  1. From the main window of Tailwind, click on View->System Configuration
  2. Select User-Defined Fields, which can be found under the Lookup Tables section
  3. Select the field to add a new field to from the pull-down listing.
  4. Place a checkmark in the Enable checkbox
  5. Enter the title to display for the new field (keeping in mind the limitation of available space within a record)
  6. Place a checkmark in the Required checkbox to inidicate a required field
  7. Save

Note: Your system is equipped with flags to indicate hot, air-ride, team, and tarping for shipment and dispatch records. When selecting the Shipment record option, these flags will display and are available for editing.

Additionally, shipment/dispatch flags can be pre-set to be off, on, or undefined, requiring the user to activate or deactivate the flag for each record.